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We provide effective and solution-oriented legal services to national and multinational companies...

“Tempora mutantur, nos et jus mutamur in illis’’
“Time is moving and we are changing with it”

Odaman & Koyuncu Law Office (“Odaman & Koyuncu”) provides consultancy and advocacy services to its clients in all areas of law, including individual and collective labour law relations, social security practices, commercial transactions of companies, mergers and acquisitions, company establishment, contracts, personal data protection, trademark and patent, competition, enforcement and bankruptcy, insurance, tax and administrative law.

Odaman & Koyuncu, founded in 2007 by Prof. Dr. Serkan ODAMAN and Prof. Dr. Ahmet KOYUNCU, continues its activities with its specialist and experienced lawyers who have the ability to inform and guide their clients in many areas of law, produce creative solutions, work diligently and in cooperation to provide a quality service. The specialist and experienced team of Odaman& Koyuncu  attaches importance to academic knowledge and offers "tailor-made" solutions by evaluating theory and practice and following current developments, identifying the current needs of its clients in this direction.

Odaman & Koyuncu  is able to offer its legal services to its clients in English, French, German, and Spanish as well as Turkish.

Odaman & Koyuncu, in cooperation with its clients, identifies their specific requirements and organises tailor-made training and compliance programmes in the fields of labour law, contract law, commercial law, competition law and personal data protection.

Odaman& Koyuncu, which provides a wide range of legal consultancy and advocacy services in the sector, works in cooperation with many solution partners in various fields in Turkey and abroad to afford the needs of its clients most accurately and appropriately. In this context, our Law Office is a member of and in contact with many national and international associations and organisations such as EGE Industrialists and Business People's Association (ESIAD), Izmir Industrialists and Business People's Association (IZSIAD), EGE Young Business People's Association (EGIAD), Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, Family Business Association (TAIDER), Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC), International Chamber of Commerce(ICC), German - Turkish Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK), Turkish - French Trade Association, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association (CCIIST).

The main goal of Odaman & Koyuncu  is to ensure that its clients achieve success by guiding them in the most accurate way in the management and solution of all kinds of risks they may encounter, with the awareness of the risks carried by the current challenging business environment in Turkey and its deep knowledge; to provide its clients with a first-class legal service supported by market knowledge, commercialism and industrial experience.


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