A law firm offering a first-class legal service to the domestic and international companies

ODAMAN & KOYUNCU is a leading Izmir law firm founded by lawyers who are specialized in all kind of national and international law knowledge, offers clients the services of law and consulting. With its liaison office in Istanbul, our Company is also in close cooperation with lawyers in Denizli and Ankara.

ODAMAN & KOYUNCU is formed by the lawyers who are specialized in Social Security Law, Individual Labor and Collective Labor Relations areas. Our lawyers aware capable of assisting clients with all questions pertaining to all kind of law matters in both domestic and international aspects, in a wide range of sectors. Our Company is also in close cooperation with law firms and consulting companies in Turkey and in Europe

ODAMAN & KOYUNCU team have been able to create competitive key-turn legal services, including day-to-day legal assistance to companies, setting-up foreign corporations, managing mergers & acquisitions, securing commercial transactions via special legal instruments, etc... Our firm has become one of the rare law firms in Turkey able to offer legal advice and assistance in all branches of labor and social security law.

We are aware of legal risks and the challenging business environment encountered in Turkey. We help clients manage these risks and successfully achieve their objectives. We pool our expertise for client’s benefit to deliver a first-class law service underpinned by market knowledge, commercial understanding and industrial experience. This principle is also our basis of existence.