Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Odaman & Koyuncu provides support to protect the rights of its clients who are on the creditor and/or debtorside in all areas of Debt Enforcement and bankruptcy law. In this context, our lawyer carries out all kinds of procedures before the enforcement directorates and courts in order for the clients to collect their receivables, provides the necessary legal services to pursuit the receivable, initiate enforcement proceedings and ensure the collection of the receivable by applying seizure on the assets of the debtor in case of non-payment of the debt.

Lawyers of Odaman & Koyuncu, which also carries out the suspension of the execution proceedings initiated against the clients and the suspension of  the execution, provides legal support to the clients in many processes and cases arising from the enforcement and bankruptcy law such as cancellation of the execution proceedings, negative determination, cancellation of the objection, revocation, interim attachment and eviction case.

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