Labaour Law

Odaman & Koyuncu, provides consultancy services on many issues related to labour law, such as the regulation of relations between employees and employers, preparation of employment contracts, termination of employment relations by working in cooperation with the Human Resources Departments of its clients.

The sustainability of  business relations, ensuring a peaceful working environment, preventing any problems that may arise from business relations, and resolving any disputes as soon as possible in case of a dispute is our main goal as Odaman & Koyuncu.

In this context, Odaman & Koyuncu, if necessary, conducts legal examinations within the structure of its clients and assesses the compliance of company practices with the law; in case of non-compliance, it eliminates non-compliance in company practices within the framework of the compliance programme and provides training to employees (including senior executives). In addition, our lawyer in forms clients about current legal regulations and developments.

We actively pursue our clients' cases arising from labour law, including but not limited to cases for reinstatement, receivables, compensation arising from occupational accidents and occupational diseases, and penal clauses arising from unfair competition, until they are concluded.

Odaman & Koyuncu also provides consultancy services regarding the legislation on work permits for foreigners in case the clients are foreigners and ensures that the necessary applications are made.

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